This could easily be the match of the round with both teams beating previously undefeated sides last week, with the Kings smashing Adelaide City and the Red Devils waltzing past Metrostars.
Clashes between the two teams in recent years have been classics and each will respect the other team’s capabilities. You also have two very astute coaches going head-to-head, with Joe Mullen holding the champions trophy aloft in 2016 for the visitors and Croydon’s Mark Brazzale no stranger to silverware with his 2014 championship and 2015 Federation Cup glory in his resume.
The best thing to look forward to here is the guts and determination both teams always seem to give throughout the full 90 minutes, meaning no lapses in concentration can be afforded, otherwise the opposition will be ready to pounce.
With Croydon’s horrific opening round loss now truly behind them, they have only conceded twice in the past 5 games, and last week’s “upset” win scoring 3 times giving a boost of confidence up front meaning they are worth backing.
Campbelltown also started slowly but have been menacing of late and they will treat this game as a mini final and they certainly have the cattle to push the Kings.
The winner will entrench themselves in the top half of the ladder whereas the loser will have to make do with mid-table for now, but knowing teams just below them having had some decent results of late also creating extra nerves you’d rather not have.
End of the day, Croydon, if they can replicate their all-round performance of last week, they will take the game, but any lapses or silly errors and you can be assured that City will make them pay.
Don’t be surprised to see a draw here, but the entertainment factor is a given and this could be one of those true Croydon v Campbelltown classics so don’t miss out and get down to Polonia Reserve and support your team!

Women’s State League round 3:
Another tough night at the office for the Croydon girls as they came up against the highly rated FFSA NTC girls at Polonia Reserve.
After a heavy defeat in round 1, the Croydon girls were determined to improve on the scoreboard, against opponents who are said to be of higher quality than our round 1 opposition.
And improve they did!!
The game still resulted in an 11-0 loss to Croydon, but many signs of improvement in game play and structure found the FFSA NTC girls having to work hard and be precise in their game play to create any sniff of a chance.
Two blocks of 5-6 minutes in the first half saw Croydon concede 6 goals, and similar small concentration lapses for short moments in the second half saw opposition goals come in clumps! All in all, Croydon’s game remained solid for the majority.
Shoutout to the 8 reserves players who stepped up and contributed with significant impact.
A great effort by all, and there is no wonder why they left the field tonight with heads held high!! Great spirit, great girls, great team!!
Simon Kasperski

Pic, courtesy Joe Janko – some of the home supporters who will no doubt be there again this week to cheer on the Polonia boys!