Last week seems like a distant memory to some, and revenge match is probably too much of a cliché to preview this week’s home game against Metrostars.
Whilst Croydon will be missing Paul Radice through suspension, it is poignant to note that the Kings should have little fear when facing their opponent knowing they can be matched in all departments.
We can continue to point fingers at poor refereeing decisions, accuse of bias, but rarely does that get you anywhere, so Croydon’s biggest hurdle might simply be not getting sucked in to play acting and antics by their opposition and hope that eventually it will come unstuck with more proficient officiating. In a nutshell, discipline will need to be at its best across the park not only in the way we play, but the by-play and concentrating on the task at hand.
For some reason, Croydon has found playing at home tougher than usual, so the only way to get this monkey off the back is to get a win, with hopefully a few goals to boot.
With some teams looking wobbly ahead and behind them on the ladder, the importance of maximum points will not be lost on the coach and players, and after last week, there should be little extra motivation to thrive and have a decent crack. Sometimes it’s about taking risks, other times it’s not, but it’s all about balance, understanding the flow of the game and always being 100% switched on.
This being the half way point of the season means there are few excuses – there has been enough time to iron out deficiencies and getting used to formations, so it’s now up to the team to stand up as one and remember how they fought tooth and nail similar to the back end of last season and understand what grit and determination is required to succeed at this level.
We know you can do it boys, so as long as you give it 100%, you’ll always have the faithful support of the home crowd behind you, regardless. Never mind the bad decisions, the antics, leave that to the supporters to voice – after all, we can’t get booked or red carded!
All the best fellas! HEY POLONIA!!

On a somewhat sad but puzzling note, Mohamed “Moey” Sumaoro has parted ways with the club and appears headed for Adelaide Comets. Thanks Moey, we’ll remember your late winners at Birkalla and at home to Cumberland earlier this season and wish you the best, except when you front up against us in the future of course!

Pic – courtesy Joe Janko – Rocky Visconte last week showed that he is close to full fitness and better form and will no doubt provide a valuable contribution in this big game. Don’t be surprised to see a goal or an assist or two. Go Rock!