It’s getting to the serious end of the season and another big match looms as Adelaide City visit Polonia Reserve this Saturday in a first versus fourth scenario.
This match also doubles as our major sponsors day, so we hope to see many of the valuable contributors at out VIP tent, and we might even get a special visit from Peter Malinauskas, Labor MP, a pivotal Kings “crusader” keen on assisting our club thrive and develop as we seek to expand operations at a possible new facility at Regency Park in the next year or two.
Back on the game and a wounded but determined to atone Adelaide City have had a couple weeks of frustration both times at the hand of Metrostars, losing 2-0 to them in the Cup Final, and settling for a 0-0 draw for regular season points.
Coach Damian Mori is no stranger to challenges and he’ll remember only too well that Croydon did a snatch and grab job at Oakden earlier this season when the Kings notched up a near faultless 3-0 win.
But Adelaide City always seem to find something when the chips are down, and let’s face it, they are still top, and average 3 goals a game as opposed to Croydon’s one.
Both teams claim first and second best defences with the least goals conceded as well, so the strike forces will need to make the most of any chances at both ends of the park.
Croydon have found some momentum after some stop-start inconsistent early season form which has now translated to 3 wins in a row and all eyes looking ahead instead of over the shoulder of who’s coming.
This fixture has history dating back to the early 1950’s and no doubt a toughly fought contest will be on offer come kick-off time.
Whoever wins will need to be at their best, and this will probably be the best test for the Kings for some time as they slowly get a full squad available and how great it is to have pressure from so many battling for starting spots in the senior team! This surely is Kings coach Mark Brazzale’s best “headache” and one he’ll manage carefully with 6 games remaining.
Teams will need to be careful not to give away too many free-kicks in Croydon’s attacking half, especially with Rocky Visconte’s pinpoint accuracy which have resulted in many good chances (and fortunately some goals) in recent weeks, so even the smaller things such as silly free-kicks conceded could play a big part in the final outcome on Saturday.
Hopefully the Kings can notch up a third home win for the season, and put further pressure on Metro and Comets, both just 4 points ahead at the current time. All we ask for is 100% effort for 90 minutes – then on law of averages the better team shall win, and of not, can at least be appreciated for gving it their all.
Don’t forget to check out our Women’s team if you happen to be down south on Sunday as they tackle SA Panthers at 3pm, or if you’re in the north of the city, check out our Amateurs as they take on FSASA at Brahma Lodge Oval in Div 5 action, also Sunday at 3pm.
Let’s hope for a big and successful weekend for all our clubs, young and old, men and women – Hey Polonia!